Pyga OneForty650 Pascoe – Rugged South African hooligan gets a subtle rerub

Pyga OneForty650 Pascoe X01 Rugged South African hooligan gets a subtle rerub BikeRadar score 4.5/5 BikeRadar verdict Outstandingly sorted, tough and totally practical all-rounder that just keeps getting better the harder you ride it Shopping Partners Bikes from South Africa’s Pyga Industries are still a rare sight on global trails. If you find yourself behind […]

Pyga OneTwenty650 frame – A phenomenally talented all-rounder

Bikeradar on the onetwenty650b

Pyga bikes are the latest project to come from South African suspension bike supremo Patrick Morewood, and the OneTwenty650 is the 120mm (4.7in) travel, intermediate-wheeled sibling of the equally self explanatory OneTen29. You shouldn’t let the short travel fool you though, this bike is a genuine giant killer. Ride and handling If any bike ever […]

Pyga OneTen29 – A 29er that loves to hammer

If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a bike by its head badge. Especially if the badge says it’s an orange 650b bike and it’s actually a green 29er. That’s one of the only glitches on the otherwise outstanding Pyga OneTen 29 – and if you like blasting techy singletrack we’re […]

Test winner: Pyga Industries ONETEN29

Unveiling the ONETEN29 in January 2012, Patrick Morewood described the bike as a trail machine that’s fun to ride all day, with 120mm travel up front and 110mm at the back. This may be true, but in creating a bike that pedals well and can be flicked and manualed around a trail, he’s ended up […]

Pyga Industries Oneten29 review

As far as 29ers go, there haven’t been many as successful in opening the minds of hardcore 26″ riders as the Pyga Industries Oneten29.

PYGA Industries OneTen29 – First ride

The rear derailleur housing runs through the driveside chain stay

Even more impressive is the fact that the PYGA displays such solid pedaling chops without resorting to heavy-handed compression valving on the rear shock, lending a lively personality that’s full of pop. We rode the course after all the weekend’s racing had wrapped up, and even on the well-worn braking bumps the PYGA’s rear wheel […]

Pyga Industries OneTen29 first-look

We have the OneTen29 here at Bike Magic Towers and having ridden it for a weekend already we can safely say that it ticks all the right boxes.