We will update this list as we get more common inquiries, please feel free to drop us a line on if you have a burning question.

Where can I buy a frame? 

We don’t sell frames direct to the public, we have awesome dealers who can help you out with all sorts of tricky stuff and provide crucial after sales support like servicing your bike, ordering spare parts or taking care of warranty concerns.

What headset do I need for my frame? 

Our frames use a tapered steerer head tube, which is 1.5” at the bottom and 1 1/8th at the top. If you want to replace the bearings, the top uses 44mm semi-integrated and the bottom uses a 52mm bearing directly fitted into frame with no cup (yes, it’s absolutely fine). It’s the same bearing that comes in the lower 56mm semi-integrated set.

How much sag should I run?

We recommend setting your sag at 30% on our full suspension frames that are equipped with the Rockshox Moanarch shock.
Frames with the Monarch Plus shock can run between 35% and 45% sag, depending on personal preference.

How do I service my pivots?

We recommend that you service your bike at a Pyga dealer, however we will post service manuals for our frames on the site soon – please bear with us.

Where can I find the serial number on my frame?

Your serial number is stamped on the underside of  the bottom bracket shell. Please use this number when registering your bike – it is also usually required for insurance purposes, so keep a record of it somewhere safe.

What is your warranty policy?

You can find a copy of our warranty policy here:

What do I do if I have a warranty related question or concern?

Please check out our warranty policy, then contact the Pyga Dealer who you bought the bike or frame from. If the dealer longer exists or stocks Pyga, please contact the closest Pyga Dealer in your area. Take the bike to that dealer for inspection and remember to provide a copy of the original sales invoice or receipt.