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PYGA INDUSTRIES will guarantee its products from manufacturing and material defects for a period of 2 years from date of original purchase. Paint, decals and other decorative elements are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of six months (6 months).


During the warranty duration PYGA INDUSTRIES guarantees the replacement at its cost and discretion any PYGA INDUSTRIES frame or part that exhibits a manufacturing or material defect under the following conditions.

  • The defect must be inspected by PYGA INDUSTRIES. The application of the guarantee can only be decided if PYGA INDUSTRIES has inspected the defective part.


  • Bikes that have been bought and regularly serviced by an authorised PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer.
  • To the first owner of the frame – this warranty is not transferable to consecutive owners of any PYGA product.
  • Bicycles that have been used to their intended purpose.


The lifespan of any bicycle varies depending on its construction and the materials used. There are many factors that can reduce this lifespan, potentially resulting in a random breakage not covered by warranty. Some of these factors include excessive force place on the frame, use of the bicycle in activities or competitions that do not match the intended use of the bike (DH, dirt jumping etc) and proper maintenance schedules.

PYGA INDUSTRIES cannot guarantee any failures arising out of the following instances:

  • damage caused by normal wear and tear as well as that caused by material fatigue.
  • use of the bicycle in an abusive manner that is beyond its intended purpose and its technical characteristics or in the event of other abnormal or excessive usage conditions.
  • ignoring or neglecting the recommended usage mentioned in the instruction manual supplied with the product
  • damage caused by ineffectual maintenance or lack of maintenance. Regular maintenance of the bicycle must be performed by an authorized PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer. Maintenance costs do not enter into what is covered by this warranty
  • modifications made to any part of the bicycle that have not been expressly authorized by PYGA INDUSTRIES in writing. This includes but is not limited to: modifications to paint, frame polishing, change of geometry and the usage of components not originally destined for or adapted to the bicycle.
  • changes to the morphology of the user that affect the original intended fair use
  • continued riding of a bicycle that has been damaged
  • damage arising from intentional mistakes or responsibility of a third party
  • forces of nature (fire, flood damage, rock falls etc)
  • commercial usage such as bicycle rental or leasing
  • usage that does not conform with technical and safety standards


Frames sold as a frame set or frame-only need to be assembled using appropriate components by an authorized PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer. Failure to use appropriate components can result in a voided warranty. Damage caused by using incorrect or inappropriate components is not covered under this warranty.


If a frame or part is accepted for warranty by PYGA INDUSTRIES under the conditions placed in this document, PYGA INDUSTRIES guarantees that it will replace the item, affected by manufacturing or material defects, at its cost and discretion.

Any replacements made will be with a new identical part or appropriate replacement part. PYGA INDUSTRIES cannot guarantee to have stock of exact colour match to certain frames, and in some cases the colour of replacement frames may differ from original.

This warranty does not cover any costs for transportation or for labour incurred in the assembly or disassembly of the replacement parts. The replacement of a part or frame does not suspend or renew the initial warranty period in any circumstances. The replaced parts or frame benefit from the continuation of the initial warranty period originating from the initial date of purchase of the product.

This warranty is valid in any country where there is an authorized distributor of PYGA INDUSTRIES products. If you have a warranty claim your nearest authorized PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer will take the necessary steps to submit the warranty. If it is not possible to contact your local authorised PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer then contact the authorized PYGA INDUSTRIES distributor in your region.

Visit www.pygaindustries.com/distributors for a list of worldwide distributors.


Any PYGA INDUSTRIES frame or bicycle purchased from an authorized PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer can be the subject of a warranty claim if it conforms to the conditions stipulated in this document. In order for your warranty claim to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently the following procedure should be adhered to:

  • Contact an authorised PYGA INDUSTRIES dealer, preferably the same dealer that you purchased the frame or bicycle from, to inform them of the problem.
  • Bring the bicycle to the dealer with your original proof of purchase or invoice.

The dealer should then send a completed warranty claim form (available from your dealer or online here: www.pygaindustries.com/XXXXX) to PYGA INDUSTRIES warranty service. The claim must include the following:

  • The completed warranty claim form detailing the nature of the defect and details of the bicycle.
  • A copy of your original proof of purchase.
  • Clear photo’s of the defect, the full bike/or frame, and the bottom bracket shell with full visibility of the serial number.


Refer to component manufacturers website for warranty conditions and claims on third party components and equipment. Your dealer should be able to inform you of the correct procedure to take for third party warranty claims.


The present guarantee only applies where compatible with the national legislation in force in each country where PYGA INDUSTRIES products are distributed.


No retailer or third party is authorized to either assume or decide, expressly or implicitly, any warranty addition or extension of the conditions defined here by PYGA INDUSTRIES.

Thus, any obligation or damage coverage made by a third party is not binding in any way to PYGA INDUSTRIES.

PYGA INDUSTRIES will not compensate for any physical or moral damage caused to the user, the buyer or others resulting from the use of any PYGA INDUSTRIES frame or component. In addition to this PYGA INDUSTRIES shall in no way assume responsibility for any amount exceeding the actual purchase price of the frame, bicycle or component any special, incidental or consequential damages arising in connection with the said equipment.

This limitation is established within the strict limits of the law of the contract and trade practices established by usage.


There are a number of inherent risks and hazards associated with the sport of cycling. PYGA INDUSTRIES recommends that you always select the appropriate equipment for your chosen discipline by taking the advice of a competent professional. A portion of your purchasing budget should be set aside for the relevant safety equipment needed while riding, if you don’t already have these items. Protect your most important asset – ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, no matter what type of riding you are doing!

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