We’re a small South African bike company who make bikes we want to ride. Founded by Patrick Morewood - founder of MOREWOOD BIKES, a world renowned gravity bike brand of the early 2000’s. Pat moved from Morewood in 2010 and started PYGA INDUSTRIES with the goal to design simple, clean cut bikes without fancy acronyms, gadgets or unnecessary standards.

We decided early on that we wanted bikes that were competitive on the racetrack while still being super-fun to bomb around on our local trails. Our suspension bikes are designed to pedal efficiently, be active, supple and integrate the proven technology that makes modern bikes amazing to ride. We’ve kept our geometries a little more relaxed than most out there, so they retain a character of fun.

PYGA Mountainbikes is now a household name in the mountain biking community of South Africa, well known for our build quality, suspension design and progressive geometry.
We design and engineer the bikes we like to ride, as do our customers, brand ambassadors and athletes.
Making bikes that put smiles on faces, for trails and for races - we’re proud to ride a little different.

PYGA’s owners Pat Morewood (design and engineering), Oliver Burnett (marketing all round fun loving adventurer), Richard Crouse (Serial Entrepreneur and lover of adventure based lifestyle) and Karen Morewood (finance and admin) are at the forefront of the business and are all enthusiastic bikers.

Duncan McCann

Duncan is spearheading PYGA’s international growth.
Qualifications: Ex DH racer. My old race rig is in the Mountainbike Museum and hall of fame in Fairfax California
Nickname: Dunx
Year of birth: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? As a fully qualified LTA tennis coach…I would do that
Favourite meal: Carbonnade Flamande – Traditional Belgian beef and beer stew
Favourite drinks: Beer and more beer……did i mention beer?

Barry Crouse

Baz rides bikes and talks to people all day.
Qualifications: FMAS.SNA.PSM (Failed Matric And Standard Six Now A Pyga Salesman)
Nickname: TCB
Year of birth: 1972
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Helicopter pilot
Favourite meal: Baz’s Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favourite drinks: R10 Lion Quarts

Sean Middleton

Sean keeps the workshop and warehouse running smoothly.
Qualifications: Life
Nickname: Babe (by his girlfriend, not us in the office!)
Year of birth: 1993
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Working with my hands is my second passion
Favourite meal: Anything shared with friends
Favourite drinks: Any Notties Draught

Richard Crouse

Serial Entrepreneur, Family man

Rich is the business brains behind PYGA.

Qualifications: BCom Hons Financial Accounts and CMA
Nickname: Rich
Year of birth: 1975
If you couldn’t ride a bike what would you do instead? Ride a motorbike
Favourite meal: Lamb Shank
Favourite drinks: GnT, Craft Beer


Yolanda Dreyer

Office and Admin Manager

Yolanda keeps the crew under control and doing what they’re supposed to.
Qualifications: Degree in Fashion Design
Nickname: None
Year of birth: 1978
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Watch my daughter ride bikes
Favourite meal: Ocean Baskets seafood platter
Favourite drinks: Sparkling water (Non-alcoholic) & Southern Comfort, lime & Soda Water (Alcoholic)


Karen Morewood

Jack of all trades

Karen regulates the amount of beer purchased and consumed by the crew at PYGA Industries.

Qualifications: None
Nickname: The Boss
Year of birth: 1973
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Drink wine
Favourite meal: One that someone else made
Favourite drinks: Coffee in the day and wine at night


Hilton Frost

Operations Manager

Hilton ensures that there are bikes on the shelves and that they get to you on time.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Nickname: Frosty
Year of birth: 1990
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Trail Run/Hike/Ride motorbikes
Favourite meal: Any seafood
Favourite drinks: Good beer or white wine


Ollie Burnett


Ollie sells the bikes, that Pat designs, that we all love to ride.

Qualifications: WTPS LO( Widb) Nitci ( went to private school, lived overseas, worked in dad’s business, now in the cycle industry)
Nickname: Mister Bennett
Year of birth: Moon landing and a position we dream of but rarely find ourselves in!
If you couldn’t ride bikes, what would you do instead? Write instruction manuals on curling
Favourite meal: Midnight Snack
Favourite drinks: Black Label draught at Track’s end


Patrick Morewood

Owner, Bike designer, Father & Husband, cleaner

Pat designs the bikes that we all love to ride.

Qualifications: Diploma in Jewellery design and manufacture.
Nickname: Pat
Year of birth: 1972
If you couldn’t ride a bike what would you do instead? Go on holiday in my 1983 HJ45 Landcruiser.
Favourite meal: Real homemade beef lasagne and peppermint crisp desert.
Favourite drinks: Brandy and coke or anything wet.

Pyga Trail Daze

Team Pyga Euro Steel

Pyga Euro Steel ( have dominated the South African stage-racing scene in 2017, with Phil Buys and Matthys Beukes taking the top spot at both joBerg2c and sani2c. They also won the African Jersey at the 2017 Absa Cape Epic, finishing an impressive seventh overall. In the 2019 edition of the Cape Epic Phil and Matthys had a nail biting finish sprint on the Queen Stage, taking the win.

Matthys is currently sitting 7th in the World Marathon ranking coming into the end of 2019.